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UK Study Abroad

Study abroad is an excellent way for young people to explore and test their limits. It presents an exciting opportunity for students to explore the world, however it can often leave them feeling out of their comfort zone . Not only are student's in the pivotal process of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood; they are away from their support networks in a foreign country trying to immerse themselves in another culture. Our training can help students to get the most from their study abroad experience.


Study abroad students are often challenged with different academic approaches, new language(s), navigating problematic roommate situations and being exposed to new working cultures at their internships. These factors can lead to homesickness, questions of identity and values can arise and a whole host of issues can surface including mental ill-health. We believe that challenges, and mistakes made tackling them, lead to opportunities for growth. We provide a specialist service for the Study Abroad sector.

For staff, faculty, and resident assistants we provide a range of bespoke training covering topics from Mental Health First Aid, Managing Student Expectations, Conflict Resolution to Managing Difficult Conversations.

For students we provide tailored life skill workshops that cover a broad range of topics that include Culture Shock, Emotional Intelligence, Cross Cultural Communication, Building Resilience, and Managing Anxiety . These workshops and training sessions take place in person and if required, online. Dependent on the topic these all-training sessions are aimed to be delivered in 90 mins, half day, and/or 1-day full day slots.

Delivered by our Mental Health and Wellbeing specialist, Mona Patel, who has over 15 years of experience in the study abroad sector. Clients include Boston University, Wake Forest University and The Institute of Ismaili Studies.

Please visit our "Courses" page to get more information on the different courses we offer on the UK Study Abroad program.

Counselling is an important study abroad provision and plays a crucial role for students who want to study away from their usual support structures. Studying Abroad is an immensely rewarding, exciting and emotional time for all those involved, the families, the university, faculty, support staff and of course, the students. You as an organisation will have a lot to plan and be responsible for, the students have a lot to pack in and also prepare for. As well laid out as those plans may be, something may well happen that couldn’t be foreseen, and that’s ok as this should be expected as an inevitable part of the experience for everyone Involved.

ChildWell has an institutional understanding of the social, emotional and also psychological challenges that students, program providers, families & universities face during study abroad programs. We have supported many University's like yours with couselling and wellbeing services, to help everyone achieve their goals and aspirations.

Counselling sessions can be conducted as one-to-one in-person or remote appointments or as group sessions if appropriate.

Our service can be used as a stand-alone therapy service or to complement the strengths of the wellbeing systems that may already be in place. Our qualified and accredited therapists provide personal support to help tackle the issue/s the Individual may be struggling with, improve their well-being and help their social/emotional development during their educational years.

We offer complete flexibility to suit your budget and availability on a pay-as-you-go basis or choose the money-saving option by block booking time.

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